Jessica (jessmull) wrote in bostonpetowners,

hamsters on the south shore

my boyfriend and i are looking to get some hamsters!!!

we'd like to upgrade to cat or dog some day, but we're celebrating our one year anniversary soon and thought we'd start small. and y'know work our way up to marriage and children. lol!!!

so we're from the braintree/quincy area and in my youth i've had more hamsters and little critters than i could probably count! i always went to fin fur in feather on 3A but ever since they've moved to their new location down the street i have NOT been satisfied. about a week ago we went in there to check out some hamsters or other assorted small animals. and they had NONE. not a single hamster. two adorable little gerbils and a few guinea pigs and rabbits. thats it. as we were continuously ignored the entire time as we verbalized our disbelief at the lack of hamsters while the overly pierced teenaged store keep socialized with his moronic also overly pierced buddies we decided to just leave. i was so disappointed.

also its was nearly $20 bucks a pop for a hamster at the puppy mill at the braintree mall.

is there any where around that sells healthy, happy quality hamsters that we can love? i'm willing to travel because we'd really like some! i love those tiny little dwarf ones but theres nothing wrong with a cuddly teddy bear one. i just want some variety. and reasonable prices! too much to ask for?
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