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Chihuahua Adoption. RI/MA

Mr. Tiny Pants is a two year old pure bred chihuahua. He is fixed. He is very fun, but clingy. He spent the first year of his life locked in a kennel, the humane society took him away and I adopted him! I have had him since February, and just last month we moved from Arizona (where he is from) to Rhode Island. Our new apartment isn't going to let me keep him so he is up for adoption. There is an adoption fee, but only because its safer.

He has an ad on if you want to look at it.

His behavior problems are that of any small dog, he barks a lot at nothing, but other than that he is well behaved. He is NOT good around cats and as far as we know IS good around other dogs.

He isn't the most playful but he loves tennis balls!

He is VERY affectionate and pretty possesive, he makes a good family dog but would be better suited as an "only child".

His favorite thing to do is dress up in his dog clothes. He has a pretty big wardrobe, but I am only sending him with his favorites as I would like to keep the rest for sentimental reasons.

I will send him with:

His bed.
His favorite shirt, sweater, and little pants.
His food bowl.
A new collar (I am a sap and want to keep his old one)
His kennel (just a standard dog crate, we use it mainly when we go out for too long, he has slight seperation anxiety and has a tendancy to chew)
His ball

I think thats about it, for more information you can check out his "dogster page".
Mr. Tiny Pants Home page!

As for adoption fee we are looking at $150, he is a purebred and being sent with lots of stuff. We asked the vet and checked the newspaper and thats the amount we came up with.

And lastly, we are in Rhode Island, and if you are close (conneticutt, Mass, etc) we can meet you half way. Otherwise you will have to come get him.

If you really want him but aren't in the area, we might be able to "ship" him (I need to look into the safety of that etc) BUT you would be responsible for picking him up at the airpot and for paying for his ticket AND the adoption fee....

Any questions and/or comments you can post on here. Or you can contact me through aim:, or Yahoo Messanger p_2_the_s

Mr. Tiny Pants

Mr. Tiny Pants

Mr. Tiny Pants

Mr. Tiny Pants

Mr. Tiny Pants

Mr. Tiny Pants

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