Kenick (jenbugg) wrote in bostonpetowners,

Super Cheap Deal on Rattie supplies!! Cambridge Somerville Area

We recently had our 2 rats pass away, so we are giving all of our rattie things away for $50 or Best Offer. All you need to do is email me at and it will go first come first serve.

What you'll be getting:

-1 large 30x30x15 powdercoated cage, 3 levels, wheel, just washed. (could use washing again before introducing a new pet into it.)
-1 travel cage
-1 large green Roller ball (like gerbil or hamster ball, for letting pet run around the house)
-1 super goodie bag filled with
-Clean Cage spray
-plastic canvas grids for covering floors of cage (protect against bumblefoot)
-2 bags of rat food
-1 granite slab (keep it in the freezer until a very hot day, then put it in the cage for ratties to lay on and cool off)
- extra shelving for inside cage
- Small pet harness, if you can convince your rat to go for a leashed walk.
-1 big bag of lavender scented litter (works great and keeps cage smelling fresh longer)
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