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It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive

looking for a place?

Hi there! I'm posting on behalf of our landlord as he's given us the option of helping find new tenants. Amour has taken him away (to live with his g/f) and so he's renting his half of the house (we rent the first floor so the second floor, previously his apartment, will be for rent). He's been a great person with whom to share a home, so we're hoping when he moves out, equally-cool, non-smoking people will move in. There's no realtor's fee as you'd be renting directl from him. So, without further ado ...

-- In the Wollaston neighborhood of Quincy (close to North Quincy and East Milton border), 2/3 mile from the Wollaston stop on the red line and less than a mile from 93, easy access to Route 3 and 128 via 93
-- 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
-- $1100/month (first, last, security required)
-- lease starts June 15th (slightly flexible) and is month-to-month

Good Stuff:
-- free washer/dryer in basement
-- loads of basement storage
-- huge "shop" work bench (14' long) that can be used for woodworking/art projects/crafts/etc. if you help us clear it off (Currently, we've just got some of our own plastic storage bins on the worksurface).
-- huge backyard (it's about twice as big as the house and the house is pretty large)
-- totally pet-friendly -- have whatever pets you like as long as you take good care of them
-- off-street, non-tandem parking spot (with room for a guest to park behind you)
-- loads of non-regulated on-street parking for visitors
-- loads of cool "old house charm."
-- all our mail comes in one slot so you don't need to have an apt. # in your address
-- 24-hour grocery and 24-hour drugstore less than a mile from the house
-- close to lots of ethnic grocery shops (super 88, Indian grocery, Thai and Vietnamese grocery)
-- quincy has TONS of awesome restaurants
-- we have wi-fi internet and you could share with us
-- if you also have pets, maybe we can swap petsitting services
-- no realtor's/finder's fee

-- we're the only other tenants, so, cool housemates (2 20-something lesbians plus our five small pets and one cat)
-- we want queer-friendly neighbors
-- we want non-smoking neighbors
-- we want respectful-with-regard-to-noise-'cept-for-the-occasional-party neighbors
-- our landlord plans to be around regularly, so there'll be someone to talk to regularly about repairs, state of the house, etc. he's totally queer-friendly, progressive politically, etc. and also laid-back

Who we are:
We're a partnered lesbian couple in our 20's. One of us is a Media Producer in educational publishing and the other is a full-time student and part-time barista. We live with three lizards, two guinea pigs and a cat named Schneebly. We're on the left side of Democrat. We enjoy dinner parties, getting tipsy on occasion, brunches, playing board games, going to museums, cooking, activism, movie nights, sleepovers, dancing, music and musicals. One of us dances in an all-sizes hip-hop troupe (and also a jazz/cabaret troupe) and the other is more into trying to write the Great American Novel. One of us is Jewish by birth and the other is Jewish by association; we're both kind of shopping for a new faith with some luck with Unitarianism but also some reservation about the hokey-ness of it. We're fun, stable, low-drama and ideally, would love to share our home with some like-minded folks.

Who you are:
One or two mature folks who are laid-back, cool. Maybe you're creative and interesting to boot. You definitely don't smoke. If you own a dog or dogs, we love dogs and will love to occasionally dog-sit for you. Of course, your dogs are totally well-behaved and don't bark at all hours or have owners who let poop fester in the front yard. You're past your partying prime but you still know how to kick back and have a fun night in. Maybe you'll have BBQ's with us in the backyard, I mean, we already got a grill and everything!
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