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Lizzy James


so i have had my eskie foxy for a little over 2 years now. she is almost 3 years old. we live with my boyfriend Rob in a relatively small two bedroom apartment in boston. everything was going really well with the three of us and then Rob decided he wanted a puppy. so on saturday we adopted a 9 week old lab beagle mix. since then everything has been chaos. foxy hates the new puppy. let have not intervened when foxy growls or snaps at (doesn't bite) the puppy so she will know that we still consider her number one. we also always greet her first when we come home, and we feed her fist, and we give her treats first. but she still hates the puppy. everytime the puppy has a toy or bone foxy takes it from her. the puppy will find a new toy and foxy will take that one too, and so on until the puppy gives up and just sits crying or doing nothing.

the puppy is still so young she needs a lot of attention. she always wants to be in our laps or to be held and foxy gets so jealous. we pet and hold her too but it doesn't appease her.

what can we do to get them to get along, and possibly even LIKE eachother eventually??

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