Girl_Named_Fred (girl_named_fred) wrote in bostonpetowners,

Smirk and Onyx need a new home this weekend!!!

If you know ANYONE who can help these kitties, please forward this message along!

I'm trying to help my elderly Aunt place her kitties in good homes. (She has too many and can no longer care for them properly.) If I can't find homes for them this weekend, these cats will be removed from my Aunts home (by someone else) and placed in a shelter on Monday (and quite possibly destroyed). I've found a home for one kitty and my Aunt has found a home for 2 others - now its down to these last two.

The kitties are 2 long haired siblings, both boys, 8 years old and spayed. They were born in my aunt's home and have never been outdoor cats.

Smirk is gray and white and described as extremely gently.
Onyx is black and white and also gentle.

Its very important to my aunt that Smirk and Onyx be placed together as they are very bonded to each other.

Smirk and Onyx are currently in Dorchester, MA and if necessary, I can help provide local transportation.

If you know anyone who may be able to provide a home for these kitties, please let me know.
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