Amanda (evewasframed) wrote in bostonpetowners,

Quaker Parrots?

Hi there! My husband and I are interested in buying a hand-fed Quaker Parrot. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a reputable New England breeder? I have e-mailed Moulton Hill Aviary, but I have a feeling that they are no longer in business because their website hasn't been updated since 2003. Thank you in advance!
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Hi...have you considered adopting? Quakers, sadly, seem to be the newest 'throw away bird'. People see how fun and active they are, plus they are capable of talking, and they're relatively cheap...They think they're so much more fun than a Cockatiel, plus more "parrot-ish", so they should get one. I'm NOT saying this is what you have done, of course, but it's definitely what's going on. Within a year (or less) their bird is screaming, biting, very cage territorial, making huge messes, pooping everywhere, destroying the house, etc, so they get rid of them. Most parrot rescues have many quakers available because of this, and every one of them is in desperate need of a home.

When you buy a baby parrot, there's no promise that bird will like you in a year. When you adopt an older bird, you can expect very few major behavioral changes, and you can let the right one pick you. Somewhere down the line they might end up with a new quirk or phobia, but the chances of the bird changing in personality entirely is very rare when you get an older bird.

There are tons of rescues around here. Foster parrots, All Cape Parrot Rescue, Beaks and noses, plus a bunch of smaller ones. Please look into adopting! As the saying goes, "It isn't about saving money--it's about saving a life."

Oh! And if you'd like to meet a whole buncha parrot owners, is a wonderful place filled with insanely knowledgable people.
I am aware of the benefit of rescuing birds. All of my pets are rescues. I am looking for a breeder because I've been unable to find a rescue willing to adopt to anyone who has cats, and I do. I have had a bird in the past (a wonderful cockatiel) so I do have experience with harmonizing birds and cats. My cats are outdoors 90% of the time and would have zero contact with a bird, but I have to respect the rules of the rescues.

I feel like my only route is a breeder. If you know of a rescue that may be willing to adopt a bird to someone with cats then please let me know.
Which rescues have you talked to? I know ellen at Beaks and Noses says on her website that she doesn't adopt to people with cats, but when we were considering adopting a DYH amazin named Wotan she said she does make exceptions. I betcha Marc at Foster Parrots or Sterling at All Cape Parrot Rescue would definitely be willing to adopt out to people with cats if you talked to them. To my knowledge they don't have a problem with people having cats, but I know at Foster Parrots they don't like adopting to people with Huskies since they seem to be the number one breed of dog most likely to attack/kill birds. That's the only thing i've heard regarding other animals in the home.
If you happen to be and online and have a few minutes to chat I'd love to talk with you some more. Do you have AIM or Yahoo Messenger?